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noob friends with routers ? no probs > link this this site is whack ! it got a ultimate archive of a full how-to portforward for tons of software & routers.. they even wrote a program (non free) to configure a router automaticly. anyways , next time you get … Continue reading

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Troubleshooting Windows Task Scheduler

Had a nice issue with this, a few tasks were set to run on a server, running .bat files. okay so ? all simple till now 😉 here’s what i found: 1 – the task was set to run under … Continue reading

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Remove “Zombi” reminders using MFCMAPI

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SSLChainSaver v2 – Save root certificate (and chain), the super easy way.

Well , not much to say here, read the awesome tool. you need to distribute your SSL root chain , which some times more then one certificate ,and make sure your mobile likes this .. you can use this tool … Continue reading

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